Pozice 1605
Článek 1244

About book

So called books of Hours, in Latin „Horae“, although there is a lot of them available today, are basically forgotten genre today. If we simplify them, we can call them religius text, more precisely a sort of „manual“ for a medieval man how to pray correctly during the day and the year.

Everyone from the high society desperately needen to own such a kind of book. They were even competing for the most ornamented and better manufactured book.

Aristorcatic house of Rohan has its roots in Bretagne. It is a country with strong Celtic tradition where the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table came alive.

The Horae Principii de Rohan let produced Pierre de Rohan-Gié (1451 – 1513) around the year 1500. As the second born son of Lewis the First de Rohan-Guéméné, he could not inherit the father´s title but due to favorable conditions he managed to establish a new house line called Rohan-Gié. He bellonged to real elite in France. He was a marshal, educator of King Francis the First and had a great autority during the Times of Ludwig the Twelfth.

The book was propably manufactured in the illuminator workshop near North-French Rouen. In the 19th century the book was taken by the Rohan´s to the library of the castle Sychrov in (now Czech Republic) After the Second World War, the property of the House of Rohan, as well as several other aristocratic houses, has been confiscated according to Beneš´s Order. So became Horae Principii de Rohan a property of the ČSSR and was given to the care of Czech National Library.

Horae Principii de Rohan is really very remarkable manuskript originated around the year 1500. The manuskript contains 322 pages. Is decorated by 23 miniatures and 11 figural initials. The paintings of individual scenes are very rich. The book´s dimensions are 250x170 mm. The fascimile was printed in a limited edition of 868 pieces.

Price of the facsimile is 3.800,00 EUR